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It is a healing and self-discovery journey through the wheel of the year in the Stregheria tradition, in which we meet and discover ourselves in the tradition working at different levels, there are three Strophalos, in the first we work with the last of the first , Hékate the dark mother who brings us closer to the beginning of our creation, starting us as key bearers, in the second we apply the knowledge of the wheel of the year to perform ritual magic and we travel the Strophalos celebrating each phase, starting as priestesses and priests of the tradition  and in the third we focus on learning how to teach this tradition, starting with guides.



It is an online training lasting 12 months, with optional face-to-face mode at each Strophalos celebration.


We started on Thursday, October 7 at 7 pm via zoom.


The cost per month is $ 1200.00 Mexican pesos


It is necessary prior to your registration that we have an interview.


The energy of the cardinal points and the phases of the Strophalos

Hekate's guardian animals

The secret names of Hékate and their archetypes

The books of the roads

The Benevento tree

The crossroads

The labyrinth of stars

The Candelora

The personal animal totem

the phases of the moon

The trident and its magic

The magic of minerals

Magic tools

October 7 



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