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It is a healing and self-discovery journey through the wheel of the year in the Stregheria tradition, in which we meet and discover ourselves in the tradition working at different levels, there are three Strophalos, in the first we work with the last of the first , Hékate the dark mother who brings us closer to the beginning of our creation, starting us as key bearers, in the second we apply the knowledge of the wheel of the year to perform ritual magic and we travel the Strophalos celebrating each phase, starting as priestesses and priests of the tradition  and in the third we focus on learning how to teach this tradition, starting with guides.


Goddesses and Gods of the Streghería and work with each of them through the Strophalos.

Etruscan runes as alphabet and oracle

Elemental magic

Deepening with the three kingdoms: animal, mineral and herbal

Rituals of each season

Ceremonial magic

Rites of passage


Magic with the mortar

Use and development of the sacred tools of the first Strophalos


2020 - 2021

October 8th

Once you have completed Strophalos I, I invite you to travel through Strophalos II, with the wisdom of the phases of the earth, the awakened consciousness in the three bodies and the knowledge of magic and the tools acquired in the previous training, in this wheel we will delve into:



It is an online training with a duration of 12 months, two classes per month and the celebrations must be in person.


We started on Friday, October 8 at 7 pm via zoom.

The cost per month is $ 1000.00 Mexican pesos.

To take this training it is necessary to have previously taken the Strophalos I.

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